From Pondicherry we arrived in Madurai by caer over a very bad set of roads.  This is the worst road I have seen in India.  The driver was not much help either.

Madurai (means Sweet city)is famous for its temple for Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati.  The temple is the second biggest in India occupying 15 acres in the center of the city.  It has gates from each direction and lies on a land 972 ft x 879 ft.  It has the unique presence of 33 billion (yes billion) images and stautes of gods, goddesses, figures and images.

The temple was busy with pilgrims particularly from the state of Kerala and there is a big harvest festival coming up on Jan 14 which we will miss of course.  This is celebrate in the southern states in style.

They tuen over 2 crops a year.

They were having 30,000 piligrims a day and the place was very crowded. 


One Response to “Madurai”

  1. webalfee Says:

    It is true. Madurai is a great city. I love that city for its food. 24 hours we will get any food items to eat. And the Jasmin flower … what s smell, color and size .. When I was in Madurai a couple of months before i have taken a few photos in and around the temple area

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