Final Comments on some special nieces and nephews

I will offer these final comments from India and we can share more when we get back.

My niece Shobhana (54 and ha the energy of 16 yar old) is the CEO of a non profit group called DISHA.  She and her husband operate from their home several projects.  In one she worls with 500 slum children in Delhi ( age 4-15), and 100 villages in a state called Bihar.  In this state she works with families of 100 villages on AIDS, collecting and harvesting eain water for use for daaaaaaaily lives in a region that is often arid.  She will be urilizing stories from Junior youth animator training program.

A nephew of mine works with 70-100 children evry Sunday by offering them basic value education.  I met some of them and I have some pictures and their faces tell it all.  He also works with many villagers on a special life insurance program to help yje poor backed by the Government of India.

Another nephew who works at Intel in Bangalore teaches high school students in Saturdays for 5 houes.

Another one is involbed in developing a home for older folksl one works in organic faeming in a remote village.

There is also a talented niece who is an artist and does designs for companies.  She is now working on materials for display in 2008.

Thet are all very precious genms in my family.  It has been hard to say good bye to all of the,


One Response to “Final Comments on some special nieces and nephews”

  1. Lorri Says:

    It’s wonderful to know that so many of your relatives are engaged in assisting others and development projects!

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