New Delhi

We arrived in Delhi on Tuesday 12th of December.  It was quite chily here reaching 6 deg C when we landed.  Due to some miscommunication, my niece was not at the airport, so we were a little lost.  Thanks for the mobile, we were able to get hold of her, and she gave directions to get to her house to the cab driver.

My niece who is 54 lives with her second husband and her mother.  She has two daughters from her first marriage who live in Chennai with their fathe.  Chennai is the name used now instead of Madras.

My sister-in-law (wife of my oldest brother who passed away in 1994) is in her late 70’s and has been ill with a cold, and other complications and some heart problems.  My niece’s husband is also not very well, he is very weak with a serious condition of his colon.

Shobhana, my niece is a very energetic, enthusiastic woman.  She has boundless energy and works with her husband out of their home on a project that I will describe in a separate blog.

Shobhana paid a lot of attention to Jeannie who was quite sick by the time we arrived in Delhi – cold, caughing with severe chest pain, phlem settling in her lungs etc.  We took her to a doctor the next day who prescribed her antibiotics and jeannie was pretty confined to bed for most of the stay we had in Delhi.

Shobhana and family live in a nice apartment on the ground floor with their dog.  She really pays detailed attentionto the needs of everyone, and retres to go to work at 9:30 AM and remains there until  6:00 PM, except she joins everyone for lunch.  She is the CEO of a non profit organization.

I was able to go the Baha’i House of Worship about 20 kms away by a rickshaw and spent some time there offering prayers for our Baha’i community, people who have passed away in the past year such as our daughter Patty, husband of a long time friend Russell King of Santa Paula and of course Sharon Cameron.  I also said some prayers for our cluster as well as our community.

The gardens around the House of worship are taking shape and look very nice.  It seems to attract a lot of visitors (20-30,000 a day).  Many forigners on a trip to India, local school children and the resdents of India.  They are guided by youth from all aroubd the world.  I saw and spoke with a young girl from Houston area, here on a 1 month visit welcoming people in English or perfect Hindi.  She said she meomorized her speech in a few days.  There were youth from Malaysia, Singapore, many European ountries as well.

The House of Worship is very serene and has a nice calming effect on you in sharp contrast with some of the temples we have visited.

We were able to visit the House of Worship again on Saturday Dec 16, and this time Jeannie was able to join me.  We also went to the Baha’i House, the old head quarters of the NSA of India.  (This is the same building you saw in the movie Gandhi – the scene where he joins the muslim leader to talk about the demands made by muslims.  At the Baha’i House, we met the Key person in charge for External Affairs for the NSA of India.  We had a very nice visit where Shobhana and her husband were also present.  Shobhana expressed interest in the books for children developed for Junior youth, and linked with the Baha’is involved in the program in Delhi.  Later she wrote to me saying that they will be collaborating in this progra.

Delhi has 30 devotions every month.  (not always one every day, but sometimes severala day spread around the city).  Delhi has a population of 8-9 million.  It is a lot cleaner today than the time we saw it in 1981 or 1986.

Because of Jeannie’s health, we had to cancel a revisit to the Taj Mahal.


2 Responses to “New Delhi”

  1. Lorri Says:

    Loved your description of your visits to the House of Worship. It’s really exciting how your sister-in-law gained an interest in the junior youth empowerment program for her non-profit –and will be using the same materials we use here in Oregon! I’d love to get some updates about how her collaboration with the Baha’i community in working with junior youth goes. There seems to be lots of opportunity to collaborate with other groups in working with this age group so it would be great to find out what she learns.

  2. Roxanne Says:

    Thank you for sharing your travels and adventures. It is very interesting. I will check back again to see what’s new.


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