Visit to Jaipur

We got to Jaipur yesterday morning and relaxed in a hotel that used to be part of a palace of the local Maharaja before 1947.

This morning, we saw a lot of Jaipur called the Pink City in India. It has nearly 3.5 million residents, and pink sand stones are used everywhere.

In the morning, we went to see town and passed a famous facade of the buildin that everyone looks at and is much photographed. Then we went to the top of a hill by taking an elephant ride. (Yes, you read it right). On top of the hill was a brilliant palace built in 1720’s, and is now part of a museum. It has the influence of hindu, moghul and isalmic architecture. It also has been influenced by knowledge learned from Europe on glass, mirrors (concave and convex).

We were told it gets very hot in the summer here (120-128 deg F). Winters are mild 40-70 deg F. They get about 10 inches of rain a year. This town is at the edge of a desert.

After lunch we went to see Jantar Mantar, an amazing set of instruments laid out on the ground and is an astronomical observatory. You can time from it using the position and length of the shadow, calculations are geared to GMT, northern and southern hemisphere effects are accounted for. This was a result of a king who was well versed in 15 languages including Farsi, Arabic, Uzbk, sanskrit, Hndi among others. The claim is that it can tell time to within 2 seconds. Many scientists have come to check this out and pronounced that the accuracy quoted was realistic and everyone is amazed.

Earlier we saw a arts and crafts coop and Jeannie spent some time there looking at precious stones, rings etc. I will let her speak for her observations.

Jeannie was telling me after she read about the observatory mentioned above in a magazine we get called Aramco, it was high on priority to cme to Jaipur and see it for herself. Now she has realized her ambition.

Take care all of you and we hope you are enjoying my scribble here.

I know pictures are difficult to post as the wireless system is not ye fully operational here in India. It is coming pretty fast though.

If any of you want to reach us here is a mobile I have thanks to my nephew.

Number country code 91
Then dia 0 99081 83886.

That will ring my mobile.



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