Udaipur, Jodhpur

From Mumbai – we flew to Rajasthan on Dec 6th..

We are now in Rajasthan – the land of the many Maharajas whose little knigdoms all got consolidated into one state after independence. Many of the Maharajas are now businessmen converting their many palaces to hotels.

Udaipur is a very nice city full of lakes and has a population of 500,000 people. We were staying in a nobleman’s quarters who would come to see the Maharajas over the centuries. Our hotel was by a lakeside and had a wonderful view.

This town is an old twon with very narrow streets. Those of you who have seen old Jerusalem would relate to this.

We spent time looking at a palace where the Maharajah still lives. We got a good glimpse of the majesty of this Maharaja. His family had ruled the area uninterrupted for 78 generations.

The palace we saw was magnifiecient. We will share many of these pictures with you when we return.

he next day, we went o look at some clothese and had some shirts made overnight. These shirts fit me perfectly; Jeannie had outfit made for her as well.

We left Udaipur on Dec 8th by car (about 300 kms) and on the way we stopped at a very unique Jain temple. This temple was built about 500 years ago with white marble found in the area. This is the same marble that is used to build Taj Mahal. The carvings at this temple are out of sight.

Later that day we arrived in Jodhpur. We spent a day visiting a giagantic fort, a memorial for the king, toured the town of about 1.5 million.

The place we stayed at Jodhpur was a palace surrounded by small cottages. We stayed in one of those cottages.

On Sunday moring (Dec 10th), we left Jodhpur to Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. We will be here for two nights and fly to stay with my niece in Delhi. I will post more from Delhi.



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