We set out to Goa from Aurangabad by air.

After transferring in Mumbai and getting on a different plane we arrived in Goa mid afternoon. The place we had booked is a resport next to the beach. The rooms were quite comfortable. They don’t always have hot water – you have to turn on the switch and wait for 15 minutes before you can get hot water for a shower.

We walked to the beach (the Arabian sea). A restaurant on the beach is where we had dinner every evening. It is an open resaurant with a roof of hay over your head but no walls. I suspect it is closed during monsoon (4 months) as it rains a lot in Goa. Roughly 125 inches. Needless to say the countryside is very lush.

We both had an aurvedic massage to relax us. This is part of Kerala Aurvedic center that is famous in India. I learned that Kerala is where Aurveda has been really popularized.

We spent 4 days, resting, relaxing; one day we went to the main town in Goa.

I know that some of you may be under the impression that a lot f hippies came to Goa and stayed here, and had many nude beaches etc. All this has been cleaned up. Goa has about 35 beaches 1-2 kms long and receives constantly visiors from Europe. The week we were there there were 10 chartered flights from London. Goa has a easy going attitude like you would find in Hawaii.

We were usually served breakfast on a lawn with Indian or European food. Goa has a lot of remnace from the Portugese days. Portugese ruled the area for over 350 years until 1961 and it is now a state in its own right rougly the size of Hawaiian islands in area.



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