We arrived  in Hyderabad by plane on Nov 20th from Bangalore.  My nephew Anand (my late brother’s son) met us at the airport, and we stayed with him for 4 days.

He works as a regional sales manager for a publishing company called Jaico and also represents McGraw-Hill and otehr companies from the US for technical books.  He lives with his wife and two children a girl 15 and a boy 13, as well as his mother (my sister in law).  They are a very traditional family.

The children are in 9th grade and 7th grade.  The family has a tremendous respect for education and encourages their children to work very hard.  The young man gets up at 4:30 pm and go to a class to prepare for a test 2 years from now, comes home at 7:30 am, gets a breakfast, and goes to his normal school at 8:30 am; school closes by 3:30 pm and spend another 60-75 minutes going to a library to do his homework befor coming home by 6 pm; eat his dinner and collapse by 8 pm.  The girl does not have the early morning routine, but still works very hard.

We all went to a museum of one family’s collection – the former Nizam family of Hyderabad (this is like the Maharaja except he was a muslim).  It is a wonderful museum with many artifacts from Europe circa 1800’s, as well as modern paintings by contemporary. 

We stayed home and mostly chatted about various things, catching up on old times.  We all went out to dinner the night before we left. 

We took a train from Hyderabad to Aurangabad (about 600 kms away).  We took an air conditioned coach and had a nice sleep on the train, and arrived in Aurangabad at 6 am in the morning.  More about that in another blog. 


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