Catching up

It has been some time since I posted.  For the moment I have given up trying to post pictures as the procedure is very cumbersome and I am constantly using an internet cafe for posting and they are not that well equipped.  So sorry.

After the birthday of Baha’u’llah celebrations, we went to a hill station that is about the same level as Mary’s peak.  However, I made the big mistake of eating something there.  The result was instantatenous.  I had a terrible problem the next day.

However, on our way back from the hill statiuon, we stopped at a campsite where my father ran a school for teachers.  I have some nice pictures of the old house as well as the school I went to in 4-7 grades.

We needed to rest the next day because of my problem and be ready for a surprise birthday partyt thrown for me by my nephew.

We had 20 people, and it was a catered birthday party that everyone enjoyed.

The day before we left Bangalore, we took my nephew and family and a few others to dinner (11 in all), and everyone ate very well at about $ 3.00 each that included a main course, appetizers, drinks, dessert, etc.  This was a restaurant 5 houses from where I had grown up in the 50’s.  In fact the street is completely unrecognizable having been converted completely into a business road rather than houses.  A sad scene fo rme. 

We did some local shopping the next few days all in Bangalore as we started getting ready to leave for Hyderabad, another big electronics/Biomedical town that has been taken over by the Multinationals.

We got here by a plane and was met by my nephew at the airport.  His father (my brother) passed away 20 years ago this year.  I met his wife and family for the first time and we enjoyed visiting each other very much.


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