Solar heat and other things

One of the things you we are finding out is the amazing progress made in this state about conservation.

All new houses are required to have a solar system installed as well as a collector of all rain water. Every new house has a tank for storing water.  Apparently after a severe drought, they instituted this 5-6 years ago.  I have already descibed the heating system.  There is heating oh homes because the temperature rarely goes bloe 60 deg F.

Another interesting thing we saw on the road is in small villages where they grow a certain type of millet, it is harvest time now, so thay pick their harvest and lay it the public road.  There is not much traffic and cars help the millet out of the husks.  It is a wonderful sight.

It was quite common to see village huts with cow dung cakes on its side.  All that is now gone.  Apparently, the village can collect cowdung, produce gas that is fed into each house by pipe.  if you have more than 10 cows, you can develop your own fuel for cooking.  The residue left is used for organic farming which is now taking a big resurgence following the debacle of Monsanto’s presence in India.  Apparently when Monsanto started to patent long traditional grains of India and different regions, people arose and forced Monsanto out of India.  There was also much opposition yo genetically modified seeds.

There was also a backlash against Enron who had worked a special ddeal with one of the state governments.  This was voided and this country saved ~ 30 billion dollars, and did it legally.



One Response to “Solar heat and other things”

  1. Scotty Rovetti Says:

    Hi Jeannie & Megha,
    Lorri sent me info for your blog. So interesting! I’m especially glad to hear Monsanto was sent packing. The farmers in India have been on my mind ever since I first read a book by Vendana Shiva and then heard her speak at OSU. I’m not very knowledgeable about India but I am curious if there are cows wandering around most of the places you’re visiting and if they compound traffic problems.
    Best wishes for your continuing travels.

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