Nov 1, 2006

Today is a special day in the country.  In 1956, the states were reorganized based on language into 16 states and all the languages were recognized.  This state is called Karnataka and the language spoke is Kannada, a dravidian language.  It is spoken by nearly 70 million people, and has a rich history in literature, arts, and music.

All around this city, there were massive celebrations.

In the afternoon we went to see my nephew and his family.  He is the son of my late brother who passed away in 1994.  My newphew and his family has a small agriculture business.  When we went to his house they were packing corn for local merchants.  They asked to taste the corn and “certify” it to be American as they had no idea how American corn tasted.  Their own clue was that they bought the seeds from a US company.

They have 2 children, a boy 20, and a girl 14.  The boy studies engineering with interest in environmental and reusuable energy studies.  We had a nice chat.

When we returned back to our base, we had a real surprise waiting for us. 

My sister had 10 children, the first two died as infants.  Of the remaining 8, 5 live in Bangalore.  Three sons and two daughters.  One of the daughters and the sons and their wives also like to sing. They all had gathered in the house, and started singing together from 6 pm until 9:30 pm.  They used a Karaoke microphone plugged into the TV.  Part of the microphone was also a library of songs that can be selected from a menu.  A movie song can start with a background music, lyrics are posted on the TV and you can sing.  Once you have completed the music, you get a ranking of how well you did on a sclae of 1-100.  It also covers classical music as well.  It was a lot of fun as everyone tred to sing, (some very well, while others so so). Everyone had a great time with each other. They had had invited some friends who also sang.

It was quite a site.  One young man sand a Beatles tune “Yesterday” specially for Jeannie. 

Apparently thuis has become a tradition in my sister’s family where everyone who lives in Bangalore gets together once a month or so and enjoy singing.  They all have excellent voices.  Music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s rtc along with old hymns.  They all prepare a week ahead with the lyrics on special music.

My sister also joins them (she will be 80 in January). 

So ended the day with lots of fun and music.


One Response to “Nov 1, 2006”

  1. Rob Siegel Says:

    Megha and Jeanne,
    This piece of your story is hysterical! I love the karaoke Beatle thing. What a blast! Did you join along? I wonder if this might be the basis for a new reality show on TV? Thanks for keeping us up to date. Stay well and healthy on your journeys. Rob

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