Today’s adventures

Today Jeannie went wth my niece Meera to the Taylor and give her measureents so that her clothes would be ready by the time we return back to Bangalore.

I’m sure you are all anxious to see some pictures.  I am labelling each slide and getting ready to post them, hopefully tomorrow, and will send a mail to each of you.  Please be patient as I had to hop through several computer systems.

Toay, I also had the pleasure of meeting my old friend named Srinivas.  He and I were classmates in high school (3 years), Intermediate college (2 years) and engineering college (4 years).  We were both very tough competitors for academic excellence, but were also very good friends.  He went to univ of Toronto in canada to earn his Ph.D. and returned to India to work as a professor at the prestigious Indian Institute of technology in Kanpur where he lived for 30 years.  He and I lost track of each other, but by sheer luck reconnected last year when he was visiting his sons in the US in the summer of 2005.  He and wife live 45 km from my sister’s house.  I rented a cab for the whole day and left here around 10:30 am and it took almost 3 hours to get to his place.  The main reason is Bangalore traffic.  It is dreadful.  There are far too many cars, trucks (they call them Lorries here), auto rickshaws, and some bicycles, and buses.  The traffic is not controlled well and thus every one is on their own except in some key intersections.

I finally reached my friend’s place by 12:20 pm, and it was like we had never been away from each other.  The last time I saw him was in Oct 1960 when we attended the commencement to receive our diplomas.  We went out to eat and had a wonderful opportunity to get reacquainted after these many years, share old stories, look at our pictures when we were young, have a barrel of laughs at the trcks we played in high school and college.

He lives in an area called Electroncs City.  This area of Bangalore is something to see.  Companies from around the world have built palatial complexes.  When you enter the area, you see a huge camusof InfoSys the biggest software company that has a huge call center base.  In addition, I saw Intel, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Texas Instruments, Bosch, Phillips, General Electric, FNAC from Paris, Spanish and German companies.  It is as if you are walking through Silicon Valley in San Francisco area.  Many drug companies are here as well.  This area employs, I was told, over 250,000 people.

The infrastructure (roads) are in poor shape, however they are hard at work building them and repairing them. 

When I got back, a travel agent was waiting for me, and found out that he will escort us to  Bandipur National  Park about 150 kms away.  This is where they have left Tigers, Elephants in natural habitat.  We will be staying in a lodging facility managed by the daughters of the last Maharaja in the region.  We leave on Thursday AM and will return on Saturday late.



One Response to “Today’s adventures”

  1. Lorri Says:

    Hi Megha,

    How great to meet up with old friends! Thanks for keeping us posted – I’m reading it daily! Looking forward to the pictures.


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