Day before Holoween

Today is the day before Haloween.  Yesterday we stayed home as Jeannie was not feeling well, and I was not either; just normal travel ills.  We are both better today and were able to get out.

Yesterday late in the afternoon, I went along to my nephew Ravi’s family.  He lives with his wife Shyla and a son Akhil.  The young man is an engineering student wanting to enter the field of biomedical engineering/technology programs in the US.  I looked at his CV and we worked on soe schools that could accept him.

Later we all enjoyed a good meal.

Something about meal times – everything is turned around here.  When people get up in the morning, they like to have a cup of coffee, read the paper, get the children ready to go to school, and get ready themselves.  Then they think about breakfast around 9 or 9:30 am.  Lunch is usually around 2 -3 pm.  Dinner starts around 8 or 9 pm.

People don’t come back from work until 7 or 8 pm.  We then eat and talk unyil 10 or 11 pm.  The TV is rarely on during a meal except when there is a cricket match and particularly if India is playing.  Well they lot yesterday in a crucial game against Australia and so they are out of the running for championship.

Today we went shopping in a mall that is very new.  It reminded me a lot of malls in Singapore.  we shopped for some clothes.  I bought 4 sports shirts for about $ 40.00. The prices for clothing is interesting – the shirts cost about 30-40% of what it costs in the US, handkerchief’s a tenth of what they cost in the US.  The quality of clothes was excellent.  Jeannie bought a skirt, and some tops and she is having some items made here as well.  She can write about that.

Our transportation here is simple; we call for a cab that costs us $ 2.10 per hour.   Today, when we went to buy the clothes, we had the car for 6 hours. I’d not drive in India without a lot of practice.  The traffic here is quite crazy.  More on that another time.


One Response to “Day before Holoween”

  1. Rob Siegel Says:

    This sounds so much like life in Chile where we lived for 25 years. The late day schedule is amazing, isn’t it? Our first few months back in the USA took some time to get used to in many ways, especially calling someone on the phone at 10pm! Rob

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