A special dance school

We went to a special dance school about 30 kms from my sister’s house.  This school is one of a kind in the world and is designed to train and teach students in all the seven classical dances of India.  A dance teacher started this in 1990 with the vision of

1.  To preserve and popularize the classical dances of India.

2. To train young people in the art of dance guided by great teachers.

3. A school to create a new generation of dancers and gurus would be created and restore dying traditions, where dance would be a way of life.

Indian classical dance incorporates story telling, rythm, devotion to Gods, mythology, sculpture and poetry.  The school has developed to ensure that students spend time in an atmosphere of comradare, intensity, cooperation, and meditation.  A beginner’s course lasts 3 years and an advanced course can take 6-7 years.  They have had students from arounf the world.  They had an sensational debut in New York and won critical acclaim.  The curriculum they use includes inspiration from classical dancers around the world, yoga, meditation, martial arts, sanskrit, creative movement, mythology and mime.   The dancers stay on the campus and participate in attending to a garden.  The houses are built in small structures with local materials.  

There are several large dance halls to practice and an amphitheater.  On Sundays, the school invites local children and trains them for free.

It was certainly a marvelous and peaceful place.

It was hard to get there, but it was worth it.



One Response to “A special dance school”

  1. AM I A HINDU? Says:

    Megha, so nice to read what you wrote.

    Any one who is an adept in the Bharatanatyam and other Indian classical dances is the true ambassadors of our culture.

    I salute them and wish them all the very best.


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