Talking to the children about schools

Jeannie and I were able to talk to several kids about their schools this past few days.  The schools are back in session as of yesterday.

There are are a lot of private schools that follow the curriculum specified by the state.  The first grader starts learning 3 languages right away.  State languae, Hindi and English.

The fourth grader in my brother’s house is a bright young man with many accomplishments.  he plays chess very well, and has a lot of work imposed on him from school.  He spends typically 3 hours doing his home work.   He goes to school with his younger sister in an auto ricksahw 4 kms away from home.

We spoke to another young man 13 who is in the 8th grade.  He has to spend 10-15 hours every work on projects for class that involve research from the internet, writing skills in English, geography, and math.  They also seem to place much emphasis on sciences – ecology, physics, chemistry.  His parents are very proud of his accomplishments of winning medals in competitions statewide and nationally.  He has even won a lot of money.

The pressure on these kids is very high to excel.  My  feeling is that the parents have very high expectations for their children and do everything for them to reach their goal. Thekids seem very polite and unassuming and seem very competent.  This kid developed a website for his school and maintains it for another year.  He seemed like a very fast learner.

The last young man I met was was nephew’s son.  He is 20 and is in his final year of engineering.  Biomedical engineering is his field.  he wants to pursue a masters course in the US.  I will be meeting him soon and discuss his interests and steer him him towards some colleges in the US.

The schools do not have much in sports activities.  The games they play are cricket, soccer, basketball, badminton, volley ball.

This hopefully gives you a flavor of schools here



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