More about life in India

The press in India is an interesting.   There are many national Newspapers published simultaneously from 10-15 cities and they all contain National, International, and regional news, sports, business news etc. They also have papers in regional languages.  In factr my mother used to read paper in the language here and well connected with activities in the world. 

The international news usually shows on page 15 or so.  Today we had two stories from the US.  One was the sentensing of Skilling of Enron, and the other a two paragraph report from the US Press secretary attempting to clarify “Hold the line” on the Iraq war.  There is no sports news from the US on baseball, foot ball or basket ball.  There were some dispatches about basketball.  Of course lots of soccer news from around the world.

At this time the most important sporting event is cricket. There is a championship trophy tournment going on and we have teams from Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies (Carribean countries) and Sri Lanka.  There were other teams but they were eliminated.  The series ends on Nov 4.  It is constantly on TV of course.  Each game lasts about 7 hours.

The TV here has some of the channels from the US – History Channel, CNN International, Discovery Channel, some old TV programs such as Cheers, Friends etc.  I also saw a BBC channel, local versions of CNN in English, Hndi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.  I also saw a lot of shopping channel imitators, and many channels selling religion, goods.  I also saw several chgannels from Australia and CNBC.

It was all very entertaining.  I did not listen to the radio.

There are of course many problems you come face to face – poverty, vagrancy, begging among them.

Internet access is very easy.  I am using my niece’s computer and it is a faster connection than a standard DSL.  I am connected at 600 kb/s.  The interbet cafes are every where.

I will tell you about our conversation with the children about their schools next.



One Response to “More about life in India”

  1. Lorri Says:

    Hi Mom and Megha,

    I’m enjoying hearing about what you are doing there! How about some Divali pictures and some of your family!


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