We are now in India

Yes, we have finally arrived in India.   We arrived here safely on Monday afternoon (10/16), and two of my nephews picke dus up at the airport.  They took us to the home of my late brother who passed away in 2001 following complications after a surgery following an auto accident. One of the nephews decided to make a vegetable stew for dinner, and he brought his daughter 14 along with him.  We had a very enjyable conversation lasting into midnight.

I take this opportunity to introduce my family to you.

Both my parents passed away in 1997.  My dad was 98 1/2 at that time and my mother passes away in December and she was 92 years old.  They had remained married for 79 years.  They both enjoyed good health until their demise and did not suffer any pain.  They simply died of old age.

My parents had 8 children, 7 boys and 1 girl.  I had 2 younger brothers and 4 older brothers and an older sister.

Three of my older brothers have passed away, and two of my younger brothers have passed away.  I just have left one sister (who will be 80 in january) and a brother who lives in California.

In between these siblings of mine, there are 16 nieces of nephews.  Ten of them live in Bangalore,  two live in California, one lives in South America, one lives in Delhi, one in Mumbai, one lives in Hyderabad, and one lives in Delhi.  Execpt for one niece and nephew all others are married and have their own children.  Some of these children are of marriagiable age now.

The main thing I must say about my nieces and neohews is that they are all very close, and get together every two months or.  Some of them are into group singing, and enjoying a jolly old time.



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