In England

Oct 12, 2006

As I wrote about our visit to the gravesite of the Guardian as well as the headwuarters of the UK Baha’is, we were reminded of the importance of keeping track of the history of our faith. 

As we learned yesterday, there are several pictures of American Baha’is in the Baha’i Center that are not labelled.  They asked us about some of them, and we were able to identify a few.  I wish we could have identified more.

I also learned that the first Baha’i to declare in the UK was an American woman by name Elizabeth Thornburg Cooper.  I wondered aloud if she was related somehow to Ella Cooper (Lua Getsinger’s daughter).  But I am not sure and sometime this may become very important.  Her portrait is stunning indeed across from the one of Lay Bloomfield.

 We saw a mark Tobey original painting hung at the Baha’i Center.  It was most interesting to see the interpretaions and the impact the painting had on all of us who were watching the painting.  Jeannie had a wonderful insight with an artists perspective, the gentleman escort had his own perspective, I saw the painting as Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna opens his mouth ans asks Arjuna to look at the whole universe withing his mouth.  What I saw was a mouth open and representations of the Manifestations in a mystical form.  Jeannie and I had quite a discussion about this afterwards.

Today we will take it easy and go to the museum of natural history.  We will proabbly take in sight seeing London on Saturday and Sunday.  We will keep you posted on what we are upto.

Megha and Jeannie


One Response to “In England”

  1. Kk Says:

    Dear M –

    How exciting that you’re actually on your trip! Hope you’re taking pictures and that you’ll post some of them on the blog. Be safe!

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