We are arriving in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.  My nephew Sridhar (my late brother Prakash’s son) will meet us at the airport.


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  1. Lorri Says:

    Hey Mom and Megha!

    We are all thinking about you. Megha, I’m wondering if you need malaria prophylaxis at all since you grew up in India. Resistance is genetic, not acquired, so if you survived childhood maybe you are not susceptible. Would suggest asking your doctor relative before taking any action. My partner, Dr. Foley, told me you can actually gete mefloquine over the counter!


  2. Megha Shyam Says:

    Dear friends –

    Today we started our adventure with a visit to the gravesite of the Guardian at the New Southgate cemetary, originally laid out in 1861.

    When the Guardian passed away on November 4, 1957, Ruhiyyih Khanum came to London and visited 26 cemetaries and chose the one where the Guardian was interred.

    The gravesite is marked by a marble column which is topped by a ball and an eagle with one wing half open and the other fully open. The Guardian’s visiton is inscribed on the column.

    We visited the gravesite in a heavy downpour. As we were saying prayers, a thunder and lightening roared by us; it felt like a it just passed us within a short distance. Any way we said prayers for our dear departed daughter Patti, as well as Sharon Burton cameron, as well as their children.

    Then we said a prayer for the Western states as an auspicious beginning for the new IPGs being launched this weekend.

    In addition to Shoghi Effendi, several others are buried here as well as the Baha’is own two sections of the cemetary. Among those who are buried include the late Hand of the Cause Hasan Balyuzi, Counselore Isobel Sabri. (I have had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Sabri many years ago at the geyserville Baha’i School in 1968 OR 69 when she was a pioneer in Africa).

    These many graves of our Baha’i ancestors marke a grand entrance before the grave site of the Guardian comes into view.

    It was a marvelous site indeed and made us think about all the friends who have given their lives to the Cause.

    We also had a chance to spend some time with the care taker Mr. Ala’i may be related to the late Hand of the Cause General Ala’i. He is a very funny man, told us a lot of corny jokes and entertained us while we waited for the rain to subside.

    Following lunch we went to visit the National Baha’i Center on the UK. We were welcomed by a couple about our age. After we accepted their hospitality, they gave us a tour of the Baha’i Center. What a privelege it was for us.

    We saw a portrait of the first person to declared in UK who happened to be an Americ woman. Across from her was a outstanding portrait of Lady Bloomfield. The whole building was built in 1867 and was purchased in 1954. It used to house an orphanage for actors; other history of the previous owners is not well known.

    The building was remodeled to suit the style of an embassy with a great reception or drawing room. We said some prayers in this room towards the end of our stay.

    We were shown the room where the NSA of UK meets and were told that this was the room used by the Universal House of Justice when they were first elected in 1963 and composed their first message here.

    We saw a caligraphy that has the entir Kitab-i-Aqdas on one piece of artwork. Other things we saw included the chair the Master sat on to receive in knighthood, Some very early American believers such as Chase, Phoebe Hearst etc.

    One collection of photographs that struck me was a picture of the Guardian completely surrounded by all the Handa he had appointed during his lifetime. I have a picture of this and I will post it sometime in the next week or so.

    That was the end of a very special day for us

    We left after almost 3 hours of wonderful

  3. Megha Shyam Says:

    Dear friends –

    One additional detail that I forgot to mention in my previous post.

    Apparently, the Managing Director of the cemetary has been working with Baha’is to help maintain the area. As a token of gratitude, Mr. Barry Evans (the Managing Director) was invited by the Universal House of Justice to visit the gardens in Haifa and Bahji. Mr. Evans was so impressed by the work of the Guardian, upon his return he requested the Universal House of Justiceship 5 pieces of rock from Mt. Carmel to the Southgate Cemetary to be a visible link to the Holy land and the Shrines in Haifa and Bahji.

    As you are aware, the eagle and the marble globe was stolen on April 11, 2001. It has never been recovered. A new Eagle was constructed by the same Italian company that designed the original and was installed on Nov 4, 2001.

    They get about 700 visitors every year.


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